Phenomenial Pictures

Ice circlesMysterious circles on the ice of lake Lagarfljót. Photo SBG.

The head of the wyrm?Is this the top of the head of Lagarfljotsormur? Photo SBG.

Lines in the ice of the lakeThe breaking line in the ice from the place where the head is suppose to be bound. Photo SBG.

Mysterious islandA mysterious black island or the back of the wyrm? Photo SBG.

2 thoughts on “Phenomenial Pictures

  1. I am going to paddle on yhis lake in my kayak. Do I need a permit to perform any kind
    of activity?

    1. Dear Edward. The lake is open for everyone to sail or paddle on it. So you don’t need any permission. Just watch out for the humps of the worm if it starts to move.

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