Area of Nature and Heritage

Mount Snæfell 1833mThis delightful area at the upper end of Lagarfljót lake takes a pride in several of Iceland’s leading natural attractions and historical sites, as well as a variety of tourist service. The area includes Iceland’s largest forest, its second-highest waterfall, the most powerful hydroelectric station, unique buildings and other cultural features, and a visitor centre for Europe’s biggest national park.

For accommodation, you can select from well-equipped campgrounds, a good hotel, detached huts, or holiday apartments with cooking facilities. As for food, you can enjoy delicious dishes at restaurants featuring local ingredients such as wild mushrooms, berries and reindeer. Some of the recreation options are to hire a horse or bicycle, or perhaps a boat for rowing on the lake for a glimpse of the famous Lagarfljót Wyrm and the view to Iceland’s highest mountaion outside of the major glaciers, Snæfell (1833m).

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